Innovation of the Money Sterilization Box, Tangerang Kodim Wins Award from the TNI Commander (MPI News)

The Kodim 0906 / Tenggarong recently created an innovation in the form of a money sterilization box. Which is useful as an early prevention of the spread of Covid-19, through money as a means of shopping transactions for the community.
Apparently, the creativity and innovation of the ideas of Serda Nurdin received appreciation from the leadership. And immediately won an award from the Commander of the Armed Forces Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto, via video conference, Monday (5/5/2020) afternoon.

“Because my wife is a trader, I am very worried about spreading the virus through money transactions. So I am thinking of making this tool, “Nurdin said to Disway Kaltim.

Meanwhile, Dandim 0906 / Tenggarong Lt. Col. Inf. Charles Alling felt proud and honored for the appreciation given by the TNI Commander. According to Alling, this would not have been achieved without the cooperation of all parties.

“To be honest, I was surprised when I was informed about this award,” Alling said.

Because basically, according to Alling. All staff only carry out instructions and instructions from the TNI Commander, in order to assist the local government in handling the distribution of Covid-19. Especially those in Kukar.

The TNI Commander also praised the steps taken by Kodim 0906 / Tenggarong in an effort to assist the community in dealing with the Covid-19 attack on Kukar.

Like the making of hand sanitizers from natural ingredients, namely from betel leaves by Women Persit Kartika Candra Kirana Cab XVIII Kodim 0906 / Tenggarong.

In fact, they are able to produce 50 bottles of betel leaf hand sanitizer per day. Then distributed to the public at large. This is seeing the scarcity of hand sanitizers on the market.

The award was handed over by the TNI Commander to Serda Nurdin. Also immediately witnessed by the chiefs of staff and the Pangkotama TNI. In the context of conducting an evaluation of the handling of Covid-19 distribution throughout Indonesia.

And Kutai Kertanegara (Kukar) is the only representative from the Province of East Kalimantan included in the top 10 results of a public satisfaction survey on the Task Force for Handling Acceleration in Covid-19 in Indonesia.


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